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September 2022


insurance adjuster inspecting damages to a car involved in an accident for blog post entitled How do I recover damages from an accident
If you’ve been injured in an accident in Southwest Florida, this question may be going through your mind: “How do I recover damages from an accident?” Traffic accidents happen every day, causing people serious injuries that can result in lifelong pain and misery. It not only impacts your quality of life but also your finances....
Driving safely in the rain
Driving in rain, whether pouring or sprinkling, can be dangerous. Yet, many people don’t change their driving habits to match the road conditions or follow some basic common sense safety measures. Knowing the best habits for driving safely in the rain is crucial for every driver, especially in Florida during these rainy summer months. Nearly...
Estate planning illustration
Estate planning is important for everyone, not just the wealthy. You don’t need hundreds of acres of land with a mansion and five luxury cars in the garage to need an estate plan. That isn’t the typical estate. Nearly everyone has an estate. Actually, when you start thinking about all you’ve built and acquired throughout life,...