They treat you with respect. They work really hard for you to get you the best results that you deserve! I would highly recommend this firm.

-Michele Smidl Schmitz


Vernon Guirguis handled my Family Law Case Impeccably, I recommend Kagan Law Firm for any Legal Needs.

-Buzzy Ford


Liz Kagan was highly recommended by a friend on a personal/business matter. God my friend was so right. Liz truly cared about our situation and most definitely treated us like family. She was extremely helpful and worked very hard through multiples issues involving our business to ensure the outstanding results we obtained. Liz Kagan went above and beyond and fought for our best interests and for what was fair. I cannot say enough good things about Liz Kagan. She exceeded all our expectations and most of all she makes you feel like you are not only a client, she makes you feel that she is your best friend and you can always count with her no matter what. I can say without any hesitation that Kagan Law Firm are the “Best” attorneys, Liz Kagan and her team you find kindness, experience, and most of all knowledge and dedication to guide you in the right direction.

-Rosy Morales


I worked with Vernon Guirguis and Noelle Lebert and they were fabulous to work with. Professionals in every way! Great communication, reasonably priced, great outcome!

-Sara Costa


What a great experience! Vernon was always on point with everything going on in our family law related case. He is a straight shooter and very reliable, so expect to get what you are paying for. Not to mention, his assistant Noelle is extraordinary! Whenever I needed something or had a question and Vernon was tied up in court or meetings, Noelle was always prompt to answer. Ultimately, he moved mountains getting my husband exactly what he hoped for regarding time sharing and support. Mothers or fathers, if you need someone that will fight until the end, Vernon is your man!

-Tara Domenech


Hopefully you will never need a Lawyer. I’m lucky enough to have found attorney Christopher Kagan to help me with car accident. Being a headlining illusionist on Marco island means that my health is essential! After an accident I was getting the run around. Luckily kagan law stepped in and acted on my behalf. It’s on going but it’s been a joy! It’s nice having someone acting on your behalf as you heal!!! Thank you Chris, Liz, Vernon, and everyone at Kagan Law.

-Scott Xavier


I was referred to Kagan Law several years ago for a family law situation I found myself in. I knew my case would be challenging and one consuming since it was involving another parent out of state. From our very first consultation, I knew Vernon was the right fit for me. I needed an audacious attorney to represent me and that he was. I’ve worked closely with Vernon and Noelle over the years and am very happy to have met them. They’re genuine, prompt and professional. Kudos to team Kagan Law.. would recommend to anyone looking for a stand up firm with effective results.

-Nicole Ryan


This is a wonderful law firm. Liz Kagan assisted me. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy. You could not do any better than to be represented by Kagan Law.

-Andrea Posner


If you’re looking for a family law firm who will always put YOUR best interest first and make you feel like a Fortune 500 Client… CALL THESE PEOPLE!!

Chris Kagan represented me and my business. We are just a small local business owner but Chris always makes us feel like we are his most important client. He’s got a niche for getting a quick resolution while protecting your best interests 100% of the time.

My past attorney used to drag cases out and charge by the minute. Here you’re treated like family.

Thank you Kagan family!

-Frank Jensen


Best in the business! You will find that at Kagan Law, you’ll be treated like family and the staff will pursue a successful outcome for you with total honesty and noting but quality work!

-Aaron Forum


The attorneys at the Kagan Law Firm are the best in the business. I cannot say enough good things about Liz Kagan and her team. They truly are there with you every step of the way. I highly recommend contacting the Kagan Law Firm if you need to hire an attorney.



Dear Kagan Family & Kagan Law Firm,

I would like to thank you for everything you all have done for me, including ensuring all my claims were handled appropriately. You don’t understand the level of appreciation that I have for you all! If it wasn’t for the help from your family and your firm, it would’ve been much more difficult for me to have gotten through those tough times. I am going on a strong 5-6 years with having you in my corner, I wouldn’t trade the family & firm for anything. 

From the beginning, I immediately realized we had many things in common, which gave me confidence that the Kagan Law Firm would be the right fit to represent me with my legal matters. Looking back, I made the right decision. Throughout the years, I have received nothing but the utmost respect and professionalism from the Kagan Law Firm. They’ve not only gained my trust, but become a part of my family.

I am more than grateful to have you all in my life and thankful for all of your hard work to ensure that all aspects of any situation I have given you, was properly attended to and handled. Without a doubt, I’d choose you all again every single time. Saying thank you would be an understatement. The level of gratitude, appreciation, and respect that we have for one another is a blessing.

Continue the great work! You have made my life much easier. 

Yours truly,

-Jaz River


Dear Chris,

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for your help you gave us in this accident situation. My wife and I felt quite comfortable and able to discuss with you all the important issues that surrounded the case. You have been able to go over the top and have exceeded what I thought I would receive. Great work!! Your handling of all the details and the confidence to assure me along the way helped me to receive the proper medical treatment, and relaxed me to the process. Thank you for all you’ve done.



The Kagan Law Firm has consistently approached our legal issues with poise, dignity, and a high level of professionalism.

– Lito and Nichole Sheppard


I have the benefit and pleasure of working with several members of the Kagan Law Firm on a daily basis: Liz, Renny, and Vernon. All three continue to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and wide-spread expertise. Although difficult to convey my entire experience with the Kagan Law Firm, 3 words definitely stand out to me; communication, resolve, and compassion:

Communication: I am always able to reach a member of the team when needed, and they are always in direct communication with me. Whether it be by text, email, or phone

Resolve: They never back down. No matter the complexity or unusual nature.

Compassion: No one wants to be involved in legal disputes; the team is always fair, supportive, and understanding.

My opinion is shaped by Kagan’s representation in several legal matters and because of their all-around superior service, I look forward to their continued representation and positive results.

– Deonte Thompson


The Kagan Law Firm is NULLISSUCUNDUS. They have exemplified their great family character and values, along with knowledge and understanding of the law and performed at a level that is immeasurably satisfying. They not only leave a client feeling secure in their efforts to serve you, they make you feel as though your family.

– Gerard Warren “Go Gators”


“This testimony is by far one of the toughest things I’ve had in quite some time.” I say this because I’m searching for the perfect things to say; which shouldn’t be too difficult considering when I speak I’m always looking to speak from my heart. The Kagan Law Firm and the qualities they operate by (integrity, humility, to name a few) has helped me reshape my mindset and focus, as it relates to life, business, and people in general. A smaller firm, but HUGE on family and morals, directs their attention and focus to the client and not the marketing schemes, glitz, and glamor as most large firms do. This is exactly what I needed in a firm’s representation, along with the results which have been most pleasing and satisfying.”

– Fred Taylor


My relationship with the Kagan Law Firm has been a positive one. I came to them with a problem and with their professionalism and knowledge of the law, they put my mind at ease and gave me the solution. In my opinion, the people at the Kagan Law Firm are considered “Good People” and they go the extra mile to work for their client.

– Anonymous


We were rear ended in an auto accident. Although not seriously injured, we incurred soreness and months of recovery. The at-fault driver had no insurance, therefore, our insurance was responsible for our expenses and compensation. As insurance companies do, they drug their feet. Chris handled the process efficiently and timely. Without his help, we would have no doubt failed in our attempts to deal with our insurance company. We appreciate his efforts, on even a relatively minor accident. We have no hesitation to recommend Chris, or use him again should the need arise.

Thank you,

– Anonymous


My husband and I would like to thank you and your firm for helping us through one of the hardest times of our lives. We believe the professionalism of your firm is of the highest standards. You have treated us like family, and you helped us put our lives back on track and from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you very much.

– Anonymous