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If you’re ever in a car accident, I HIGHLY recommend Kagan Law Firm. The lawyers and staff at Kagan Law Firm will fight and make sure you get every last dime you are owed and them some! I would like to specifically thank Mr. Renny Razor. Renny is a godsend. He would constantly text or call me to make sure I’m going to therapy or just to ask me how I’m doing. What a caring individual. If you’re ever in any car accident PLEASE CALL Kagan Law Firm!!!

Larry R.


I am a health care professional. Earlier this year I was locked down in a very oppressive contract with a corporate employer. I needed help to move on and was very scared. I had no idea how to get to a fair separation agreement and had no idea even where to start.

Thanks to a friend or mine, I was referred to Kagan Law. I wish I could reach out to everyone who was in a similar situation. Because I know they care and I know they will help. They know the law, they knew what was legal in my contract and called out the bull.

My previous employer had a team of legal agents which scared me into submission, but Kegan Law took every aspect on, including battling the army of legal opposition. They walked with me hand-in-hand, from beginning to end. I literally felt like I had a brother on my side, someone who cared and knew every intricacy of the law.

I couldn’t recommend Kagan Law more highly.

Bradley M.


The Kagan law firm is a well oiled machine they have a great team Liz is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed her team was able to help me with all of my needs.

Fernando B.



After a car accident injury the leaving me in pain and a little scared the last thing I wanted to do was to seek legal advice. Walking in to see Chris Kagan who came in to see me on my lunch break with little notice made me instantly comfortable and at ease truly making me feel like family. He never rushed me out of his office, answered every text/call/email in a over year long process. His true compassion, honesty and humility is something rare to find it seems these days more than ever. Chris wants the best for his clients even if it does not benefit him in the end. He went SO above and beyond for me I truly consider him a friend. The Staff especially Judy who is absolutely fantastic also went above and beyond for me as well. Her efficiency and communication was top notch. I highly recommend KAGAN LAW FIRM for any legal advice or questions for any future needs.

Rachel K.


Kagan Law firm helped our family through some very traumatic times. Very sympathetic, understanding, professional. Quick to respond whenever we called. Also helped to resolve other issues as well.
Thank you Kagan Law Firm for all you have done, may God bless you!

Cathy B.


I called on a Sunday after a battery incident that took place on my job as an Uber driver. Chris Kagan answered and scheduled me in a matter of seconds for the very next day.

Upon arrival I was met with smiling faces and professional service. They made me feel like a part of the family as a first time client. He was very straight forward about the possibilities involved in my case and together we figured out an efficient plan of action in within 45 mins of our meeting.

I left feeling better with a huge sense of trust and camaraderie with the firm. I would 150% recommend him to anyone looking for trustworthy representation.

P.S. He probably won’t mention it but I was happy to know that he is an Ivy League graduate.

Hopeton S.


Amazing group of professionals. Timely with excellent communication. Compassionate individuals working hard for you. Highly recommended.

Kaci B.


I’ve never had the need of a lawyer before until recently. Thankfully I found kagan law firm and have Christopher Kagan as my attorney! He’s been extremely helpful and has been guiding me through the process entirely. I highly recommend him to anybody who needs help.

Robert G.


Elizabeth Kagan is very knowledgeable and looks at all avenues to help you.

Susan J.

I acquired the services of Kagan Law Firm last January 2019 when I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. My experience with them was amazing!! A person can go through a lot of stress when you have been injured and have miss work due to multiple surgeries and physical therapy. Bills stack up, worry sets in and you can begin to feel helpless. Liz and her professional staff: Vernon, Laura, and Tabitha, completely put my mind at ease. They took the bull by the horns and completely removed that weight off my chest, so I could solely focus on healing. They all remained in close contact with me and informed me of each step of the process, and where we were with my case. When I didn’t understand something, they would each take the time to explain it, and didn’t make me feel belittled in anyway because I asked. They treated me like one of their own, like one of the family and not like a number or paycheck. Usually in your big-name law firms, you never meet the head, the one the firm is named after…. That was definitely not the case here. I can remember Laura or Tabitha calling me to ask if it was okay to reschedule an appointment because and I quote, “Liz really wants to be there.” That spoke volumes to me!! They make time for you, they always took my calls, they simply care and put your well being first. My whole process took approximately 10 months. Yes, that can seem like a lifetime, but in reality, that is fast. I would absolutely recommend Kagan Law Firm to everyone and I would choose them again if I ever need to.
Thank you so much Liz, Vernon, Laura, and Tabitha, for taking care of my family!! You all are the BEST of the best!

Amber H.