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Defective Drugs and Devices

Dangerous or Defective Medical Devices

Medical devices were originally developed to assist individuals regain the quality of life they had prior to suffering an injury, or because of age causing the body to not function the way it once did. However, some medical devices constructed to improve the quality of life for many patients are later found to be dangerous or defective.

Defective medical devices can cause large life threatening issues and serious injuries. Often times, recipients of defective medical devices require additional surgery to correct and/or replace the device causing serious medical problems.

Defective Medicines

Prior to a newly developed drug being sold commercially, it must first endure a series of clinical trials where the drug is tested for safety, toxicity, side effects, and efficacy. Once these processes are complete the drug then seeks Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, which clears it for distribution. Often times, it is not until years after the drug is released onto the market that devastating side-effects are experienced by consumers.

The attorneys at the Kagan Law Firm specialize in defective device and drug cases are welcome the opportunity to help our clients recover damages from defective drug and device related injuries.

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