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What qualifications should a personal injury lawyer have?

Hiring an attorney to handle your auto accident or other personal injury case is an important decision but what qualifications should a personal injury lawyer have? Here are three factors to consider.

Keyboard that highlights personal injury law to illustrate blog post, what qualifications should a personal injury lawyer have1. Academic qualifications & law license: Always check the credentials of any personal injury attorney before making any financial commitments. You should cross-check the information you receive with the state and the bar association for validity. You’ll also want to check for any action taken against the lawyer. This will help you weed out unscrupulous individuals who are looking to capitalize on your situation.

2. Experience: How long have they been practicing law? How much trial experience do they have? These two questions are vital when selecting an attorney to handle your injury claim. Some attorneys may have practiced law for many years but have limited trial experience due to mediation and out-of-court settlements. The best hire is usually an attorney who has a good combination of both. A lawyer good at negotiating a settlement can keep you out of the courtroom. However, if an amicable settlement can’t be reached out of court you can rest easy knowing the attorney is also highly skilled and will represent you well in the courtroom.

3. Recommendations: Are they highly recommended by past clients? Who do your friends and family recommend? You should also read testimonials and reviews to see what people are saying about the quality of service, how they were treated and if they were happy with the outcome of the case. You want an attorney who is easy to work with and very responsive when it comes to providing you with case updates, as well as answering any questions you may have.

Therefore, if you are wondering what qualifications should a personal injury lawyer have? Start with researching the answers to these questions. There are many factors to consider but make sure you choose one who meets all the legal criteria as well as the standards you expect.

If you’re looking to hire highly qualified and experienced personal injury lawyers in the Fort Myers area, contact the Kagan Law Firm. You’ll see we check off all the boxes when it comes to qualifications, experience, and customer service.

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