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Injured on the job? You have several options

Nearly three million private-sector employees are injured on the job every year in the United States. The top causes of those injuries are faulty fall protection and lack of hazard communication, according to OSHA.

With or without workers’ compensation insurance, persons injured on the job or in the workplace may be eligible for compensation for injuries. Workplace accidents can result from automobile accidents, slip and falls, back injuries, and a number of other injuries.

Work injury graphicThe first thing you need to do is immediately report your injury to your employer. In Florida, you have a maximum of 30 days, or your workers’ compensation claim may be denied. Your employer will then have seven days to file the claim.

It’s possible your injury doesn’t seem severe enough or painful enough to go to the doctor or report it. However, in the long run, an injury could worsen or fail to heal, ultimately requiring physical therapy or medical treatment. The longer you delay, the more difficult it could be to prove it’s related to the original workplace injury.

In Florida, there’s also a Statute of Limitations if there’s no action. Claims are closed one year from the date of your last medical treatment or payment of compensation.

Sometimes a workplace injury is caused by the negligence of a third party such as defective or malfunctioning equipment, a vehicle crash, an unsafe worksite, or the recklessness of another person. In such an event, you can work with an attorney to file a lawsuit in civil court.

Workers’ compensation will cover most people’s injuries on the job but in some instances, a lawsuit would be required.

At Kagan Law Firm we are dedicated to representing our clients. Our legal team is driven by a commitment to provide the most exceptional service possible to help get you back on your feet.

Remember, don’t delay. It could cost you! If you’ve been injured on the job and believe a third party is at fault, contact us online or call (239) 466-1161 to discuss your situation.

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