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Distracted drivers are a growing problem

The number of distracted drivers on the roads is increasing, so it’s important to be able to identify them and steer clear.

Distracted driving means doing anything that requires you to take your attention off driving, and in many cases your hands off the wheel. This includes cell phone use, texting, taking pictures, adjusting the music for your favorite song, or even eating while you drive.

Distracted drivers often are using their phoneThe number of cell phone-related accidents in Florida is on the rise. In a recent study, it was found that more than 70% of car crashes were caused by drivers being distracted by their phones. Although Florida law bans texting while driving and prohibits drivers from holding their phones below their line of sight for any reason while they drive, it’s still a common problem.

Distracted drivers often cause rear-end collisions because they don’t notice that the cars have stopped in front of them. They run red lights, stop signs and drift into other lanes. You can spot them by watching for drivers who:

  • Sit in traffic even when the light turns green. They are usually looking down at a phone.
  • Drift across the lane lines
  • Ignore a stop sign
  • Brake suddenly because of stopped cars
  • Change lanes often and erratically
  • Drive too slow or too fast

Steer clear of any driver you think is unsafe. If you make sure to pay attention while you drive and you practice defensive driving, you can make it safer for you and everyone else on the road.

If you are in an accident with a distracted driver, our attorneys can help. At Kagan Law Firm in Fort Myers, FL, we have the experience and compassion you need. Contact us today at (239) 466-1161.

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